1􇊅 This damper is suitable for controlling the air volume
from full flow to shut off
2􇊅 Constructed with galvanized steel and come with iron
digital control pad
3􀀁 Default zone function to ensure a zone is always
4. Optional Touchpad with LED zone status indication and
5. Torque: 1.5 Nm, 3.5Nm avalible
6. Power supply: 240V AC +/- 15% (24V AC; 110V AC
7. Kit Includes 1 X touchpad with overlay and labels
8. Meet the SAA and C-tick standard



1 Ideal for return air purposes.
2 Air transfer between rooms to atmosphere.
3 Residential and Commercial / Industrial

Motorised Zone Damper MZD-240V-400

SKU: ADS0094