Model: JC-604


6temperature controller 
1.Temperature display (Celsius/Fahrenheit degrees) 
2.Temperature control 



temperature controller


·Temperature display (Celsius/Fahrenheit degrees)


·Temperature control


·Evaporator fan control (Parallel with compressor or continuous running changes)


·Manual, automatic defrost by electric heater


·Time or temperature setting to end defrost


·The cold-room sensor temperature can lock during defrost


·Parameter sets and value storing


·Compressor re-starts delay


·Parameter locking


The factory default resumption


·Offset on sensor temperature                 ·Self testing


·Power supply12V50/60Hz 


·Power consumpotio n5W
·Output relay for compressorN.O.30A/250V~50/60Hz
·Output relay for defrostN.O.30A/250V~50/60Hz
·Output relay for  fan:  N.O.30A/250V~50/60Hz
·Temperature sensorNTC,2 sensorTemp. Display , defrost control
·Temperature unit/Change




·Range of temperature control-45 ~ 45-40 ~ 120


·Panel dimension78×35×37mm ·Mounting hole dimension71×29MM

JUCHUANG Digital temperature controller JC-603 defrost control -45 ~ 45 degree

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