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Model: STC-100A


Product Overview

Suitable for all kinds of high temperature cold storage, direct cooling cabinet, water chiller, seafood machine and some small heating equipments etc.



Refrigerating, heating, alarming modes optional
Return difference to control temperature
User menu and administrator menu setting separately
Temperature upper and lower limits setting, in order to avoid disoperation by non-professionals.


Main Function

Refrigeration,heating,Alarm 1NTC,Temperature Calibration


Power supply: 220VAC±10%, 50/60HZ (12VAC/VDC,optional)
Temperature measuring range: -40~+99℃
Temperature controlling range: -40~+70℃
Resolution: 1
Accuracy: ±1℃
Compressor output contact capacity: 7A/220VAC
Sensor type: NTC, 2M
Alarming: buzzer or alarm relay
Shell: gray ABS flame retardant material
Safety level: IP54 (front panel)

STC-200 Temperature Controller

SKU: R009022
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