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1. Small compact axial fan, IPX2 rating
2. Casing and impeller made from high quality ABS
3. Designed for short lengths of ducting
4. Easy installation



1. Reliable, long lasting motor
2. Standard 240V / 50Hz, SAA certificated



1. WF-S series can be used in bathrooms, toilets,
kitchens or utility rooms in domestic or commercial


ModelDiameterAir VolumeRPMNoisePowerVolts / Hz
YF80109SΦ100130 M³/Hr2400r/min34dB12W240V/50Hz
YF80113SΦ150320 M³/Hr2000r/min35dB18W240V/50Hz

Round Ventilation Fan YF80113S

SKU: ADS0072
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