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Brand: ZOER

Model: ZRW-55877-7/8"

Product inroduction:

The oil separator helps refrigeration and air conditioning system operate more efficiently and save energy. In any refrigeration system, refrigerant and oil are always available. Certain amounts of oil always leave the compressor crankcase with refrigerant gas. The oil separator separates the oil from the refrigerant and return  it to the compressor crankcase before it can enter other components of the system. The less oil in circulation in refrigeration system, the more refrigerant available for cooling. This increases the efficiency of a system by reducing running time and lowering operation cost.


1. Steel oil return system with hermetic welded construction(1/4'' or 3/8'' SAE connectors)

2. Reliable needle valve closing system.

3. The interaction of flow speed reducing and flow direction changing making the oil gathering, thus the lubricants separated under high temperature will be collected and automatically return to the compressor crankcase.

4. Surface corrosion resistant static electrical painting procedure protecting the shell from the rust.

5. Can reduce the vibration and noise in the system of  the high pessure end .

8. Max. working pressure:3.5Mpa.

Design Functions:

  • ODF Connection(TP2Y2);
  • End cap(ST12);
  • Filter mesh(0Cr18Ni9Ti);
  • Holding Plate set(08F);
  • Oil concentrator (Q235);
  • Stell shell(Q235);
  • Floating ball(ST12);
  • Needle Valve(20#)

Refrigeration oil separator 7/8" ODF ZRW-55877

SKU: R042006
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