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1. Available in four sizes: 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm
2 This diffuser is injection moulded from white ABS plastic (stainless steel mesh is optional.)
3. Lightweight and low cost
4. Easy to install and maintenance via four screw holes located behind the removable face
5 Scratch resistant surface can be used effectively in heating or cooling applications
6. Tapered neck mounts directly to ductwork




1. Duct can be installed onto a neck located at the
rear of the grille
2. This grille is ideal for residential and commercial
reverse cycle air conditioning system, air distribution
system and HVAC applications
3. Can be used in open ceiling environments, such
as factories, warehouses, shopping malls and
other large open spaces where long throws
are required

Plastic Gravity Grille "GG 150 (neck dia) include SS fly mesh"

SKU: ADS0059
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