Embraco Aspera Freezer/Refrigerator Compressor :


Low levels of noise and vibration 


Standard, medium, high and very high levels of efficiency 


Available for R-134a, R-600a and R-290 


Developed for LBP applications can be adapted for M / HBP applications


Designed for domestic and medium-sized commercial applications.




Refrigerant: R-134a Displacement (cc):


Voltage: 200-220 V 50 Hz / 230 V 60 Hz 1 ~ Lubricant Type: ISO22
Frequency (Hz): 50 Lubricant Charge (ml): 350
Application: LBP Motor Type: RSIR
HP: 1/4 Starting Torque: LST
Efficiency: 1,10 Type of Test: ASHRAE32
Capacity: 217    



External Features:



Shape Material Diameter (mm)
Suction Connector Slanted 42° Copper 8,10
Discharge Connector Straight Copper 6,10
Process Connector Slanted 42° Copper 6,10
Oil Cooler:  
Base Plate: European Standard
Tray Holder: No
Weight (kg): 10,95




Maximum ambient temperature (?C): 43
Expansion device: Capillary
Cooling: Fan Cooling
Air flow rate:  


Mechanical Data


Bill of materials: 262AK50
Starting torque: Low Starting Torque
Bore (mm): 24,28
Stroke (mm): 10,00
Weight (kg): 10,95


Electrical Data


Motor type: RSIR
Winding Resistance (25?C) - Start: 29,92
Winding Resistance (25?C) - Run: 5,96

NJ6226Z 34.40CC

SKU: R005011