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1. This grille is hinged with a chevron style with filter
2. Constructed from natural anodized aluminum
3. The filter has the advantages of easy installation, removing and maintaining
4. Filter media is 6mm thick



1. These grilles are ideal for return air and fresh
air applications on residential and small
commercial projects.
2. They are a good low cost alternative to “in duct filters”


Neck Size(mm)Face Size(mm)
 L1 X W1
700x550750 x 600
750 x 500800 x 550
900 x 500950 x 550
1200 x 4001250 x 450

Hinged Half Chevron Grille With Filter HHCGF-1200x400 (Face: 1250 X 450)

SKU: ADS0035
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