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1. Fitted with a fixed central core (removable or hinged with a filter are available)
2. Constructed from lightweight corrosion resistant aluminum and finished in white color
4. The core section has the advantages of easy installation, removing
5. Having 90% free area of return air Grille
6. The filter is 6mm thick
7. This grille is good alternative product to duct filter


Neck Size(mm)Face Size(mm)
 L1 X W1
150x150200 x 200
350x350300 x 300
350x350400 x 400
500x500550 x 550
600x400650 x 450

Hinged Eggcrate Grille With Filter HEG/F-250x250 (Face: 300 x 300)

SKU: ADS0023
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