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Brand: ELitech

Model:  ECB-3010 (5HP)


Electrical Conctrol Box For refrigeration Unit of M/L temp  cold storage.

touch keys adopt high precision digital capacitance measuring technology,full waterproof design. The user can complete common operation and setting by single key without menu. It has convenient operation, stable and reliable performance.


Features and Technical parameters: 


  • Power supply: Three-phase five wire( or three -phase four wire) 380VAC ± 10%, 50Hz
  • Technical paramaters
    * Measuring range: -40°C~99°C
    * Accuracy: -30°C ~ 50°C, ± 1°C ± 0.5 dig; others, ± 2 °C ± 0.5 dig
    *Delayed protection time of compressor: 1-10 minutes adjustable
    *The compressor circuit allows maximum continuous output current: 10A 22A 30A
  • Features
    * A sensor input: temperature probe sensor; A control output : compressor control individually
    * Has a compressor comprehensive protection function;
    * Automatic control function;
    *Temperature alarm and sensor failure alarm;
    * Compressor delay adjustable
    * Temperature alarm delay adjustable

ECB-3010 5HP Electrical Control Box For refrigeration Unit of M/L temp

SKU: R0E1211
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