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Model: STC-9200





Digital display: three-digit light-emitting diode + minus figure + Indicator of a condition of light (set; refrigerating appliances; defrosting; alarm clock)

Color: gray

Range upravleniya:-50 ~ 50 °C

Range tempiatury:-50 ~ 50 °C

Permission: 1 °C

Accuracy: 1 °C

Sensor wire length: 2 m, including a porba (the adjusted support)

Sampler material: plastic

Display: LCD display, Celsius

Style: internal, not moisture-proof

Working tension: as220v ± 10% 50 Hz / 60 Hz

Output loading: 8a/220vac (0.5hp)

Fan: 8a/220vac

Defrosting: 8A/220B in AC

Power consumption: less than 5 W

Temperature sensor: one ntc sensor

Car size: 75*34.5*85 mm

Opening size: 71*29 mm

STC-9200 Temperature Controller

SKU: R009017
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