SPORLAN Catch All C-165S 5/8" Flare Filter Drier Liquid-Line


The Liquid Line Sealed Model Filter-driers - Sporlan Catch-All® Series provide unparalleled control of the most harmful contaminants in HVAC&R systems. Moisture, acids, and solid debris are effectively captured to ensure the long life, efficiency, and capacity of today’s high performance air-conditioning and refrigeration systems. With multiple sizes and fitting configurations, it is easy to find the right model for systems up to 20 tons. 

  • Complete contaminant control to protect and extend system life and ensure system reliability
  • High performance desiccant package provides high water capacity & acid capacity with
  • Porous molded core provides excellent filtration of solid debris for TEV and compressor protection
  • Sizes from 3 cu. in. to 60 cu. in. and 1/4” to 1-1/8” fittings for use up to 20 tons cooling capacity
  • Models available with activated charcoal for use during system clean-up
  • CSG models have an integrated liquid and moisture indicating sightglass to allow visual refrigerant examination
  • SAE flare fittings and solid copper ODF fittings available
  • Suitable for use with HCFC, HFC, HFO, and HC refrigerants
  • UL Listed for 650 psig rated pressure for R-410A and Sub-critical CO2 refrigerant use
  • RoHS, REACH, ATEX, and PED compliant


  • Liquid line drying and filtering for solid contaminant removal
  • Hot gas defrost line filtering

SPORLAN Catch All C-165S 5/8" ODF Solder Filter Drier Liquid-Line

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