RANCO Low-Pressure Control O16-6703 AUTO RESET

Brand: RANCO
Model: O16-6703
Low-Pressure Control
-30 TO 700KPA

O16  are mechanical controllers for High and low pressure, with SPDT that opens \ closes on pressure rise and fall. O52 models are IP66 protection class. 
These controllers are available in automatic or manual reset through reset button, either for low than for high pressure tripping pressure can be adjusted on all models via trimmer, while differential can be adjusted on automatic reset models only. 
Some models are equipped with TUV bellows, these switches, have a special bellow in bellow element, so the external caps can hold refrigerant inside the controller and make the controller able to stop the unit when a leakage happens. 
Standard versions are male flare; 1000mm capillary & flare nut and also soldering tube style is available, to allow soldering the controller directly on the piping. 
Most of the Standard and braze versions are available for ammonia as well.



Scale: p.s.i. and bar (bar only for T.U.V. models). 
Connections to pressure line: 7/16 – 20 UNF straight output male connector, 1/4 flared female connector. 
Electrical ratings: the electrical rating of the unipolar SPDT switch is 16(16)A 250V~ N.O. or N.C.; 1(1)A 250V~ on the opposite side. 
Compliance: all models are compliant with EN60730–2–6 and EN60730–2–9, and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of standard ISO9001. These thermostats are also compliant with current European standards. 
Special versions only: USA (UL) and Canada (CSA) 17 FL 102 LRA 250V~. 
Terminals: 1 common, 2 opens when the pressure increases, 4 closes when the pressure increases. 
Cable input: 14 mm insulating bushing for O16 and P.G. 16 connector for O52. 
Coolants: suitable to be used with all types of gases. 
Mounting: two male holes on the rear of the controller for the insertion of M4x6 mm screws (supplied with the thermostat).


RANCO Low Pressure Control O16-6703 AUTO RESET

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