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JDPower's next generation, ML1 trolley is now available. The new ML1 can lifter heavier weights to greater heights.

Swappable adopters mean the ML1 to lifter a greater range of loads (Gas Cylinders, small Pallets, boxes etc).

The ML1 does more, but weighs less - the sleek new functional design of the ML1 sets a benchmark in the way Trolleys can be built and operated.



The ML1 mast is extruded from a single piece of aluminium - this provides great strength and reduces the need for a frame with joints and additional parts.

The Patented silent winch, locks the load at its current height. When the handle is released by the operator, the load is locked at its current height.

Torsional and twisting forces are cleverly kept perpendicular to the mast with rollers - this ensures proper distribution of load against the extruded mast.


Key Features

Easy to transport - folds and unfolds in 30 seconds. 

Swappable accessories for handling different materials.

Tray for general lifting.

Forks for small pallets, boxes and other loads.

Gas Cylinder kit - for lifting and transporting Gas bottles.

Steel lifting cable runs inside the mast preventing pinch points and increasing safety.

10" puncture-proof, light-weight wheels for use on building sites.


ML1 Specifications Table

Feature / Specification
Lifting Height/1050mm
Max Load Capacity Forks/150kg
Max Load Capacity Tray/120kg
Dimensions Operation 71x50x32cm
Dimensions Folded 30x50x132cm


Accessories Optional

Large Tray (450mm x 421mm) / $748.00

Standard Tray (420mm x 360mm) / $498.00

Standard Forks / $498.00

MATERIAL HANDLING TROLLEY-ML1 (Trolley with Platform or with Forks)

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