MODEL:  HT-850


Sound Level Meter used in electric power, iron, steel,petrochemicals,energy and other industries.

This sound level meter has been designed to meet the measurement requirements of safety engineers, health, industrial safety offices and sound quality control in various environments.


*With full-scale backlight(range: 30dB-130dB)
*The two measuring means have a precision level of 1.5dB.
*With a novel and compact design, the product has a high performance and meets the standard of IEC651
*Maximum hold and data hold
*Range : Low frequency band: 30dB-100dB. High frequency band: 60dB-130dB
*Basic precision:+/- 1.5dB and a sine wave of 1kHz at 94dB
*Frequency band of sound level: A,C


Funcition Range Resolution Accuracy
Ft/min 96-4900ft/min 1ft/min +/- (3%+40ft/min)
m/s 1.00-25.00m/s 0.01m/s +/-  (3% + 0.20m/s)
Km/h 3.6-90.0km/h 0.1km/s +/-  (3% + 0.8km/h)
MPH 2.24-56.0mph 0.1mph +/-  (3% + 0.4kmph)
knots 1.94-48.5knots 0.1knots +/-  (3% + 0.4knots)
Speccifications   Resolution Accuracy
Range 0.1℉(0.1℃) + /- 4.0℉(2℃)
size: 195x55x35m    
Accessories: 9V battery, manual, blister card



SKU: T018030


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