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Model: EtTC-100+


Product Overview  

Suitable for all kinds of high temperature cold storage, direct-cooling cabinet and high temperature refrigerating equipment.


1. Refrigerating

2. Password protection

3. Temperature upper and lower limit setting, in order to avoid disoperation by non-professionals Exceeding temperature alarm (buzzer)

Main Function:

Lock,Refrigeration,1NTC,Temperature Calibration


1. Power supply: 220VAC±10%, 50/60HZ

2. Temperature measuring range: -40~+120°C

3. Temperature controlling range: -40~+120°C

4. Resolution: 0.1 at (-40~+99.9°C), 1°C in other range

5. Accuracy: ±1°C

6. Compressor output contact capacity: 10A/220VAC (the max load it can drive is 0.5HP/220VAC)

7. Sensor type: NTC, 2M

8. Alarming: buzzer

9. Shell: gray ABS flame retardant material

10. Safety level: IP54 (front panel)


Mounting size: 71(W) * 29(H) (mm)

Product size: 75(W) * 34.5(H) * 85(D) (mm)

ETC-100+ Microcomputer Temperature Controller

SKU: R0260231
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