Model: EK-3030


This EK-3030E Temperature Controller  is a smart communication temperature controller used for temperature control of cold storage and heating devices. It could be connected to the internet as control terminal and could control and set parameters remotely.
EK-3030E Temperature Controller with Dual-way sensor input: cabinet temperature sensor and defrost sensor. Two digital input.
Three way control output: Refrigeration/heating output, defrost and fan.

It has the function as below: measure, display and control temperature; temperature calibration; forced defrost; temperature over temperature alarm and sensor failure alarm; One key recovery of the factory default value, parameters preset and one key recovery; key lock function, dual-way digital input, engineering password function.
Communication protocol adopts MUDBUS protocol, TTL serial interface. Communication adapter card is optional to converse to 485 communication interface.

1)  Measuring range:-40℃~99℃
2)  Controlling range:-40℃~85℃;
3)  Accuracy:-30℃~50℃,±1℃±0.5dig; others, ±2℃±0.5dig
4)  Resolution:0.1℃
5)  Mounting size: 71mm*29mm
6)   Power supply: 220±10%(VAC), 50/60Hz
7)  Power consumption:<5W
8)  Output capacity:
      Refrigeration:10A/220VAC or 16A/220VAC, directly drive a single phase compressor 1HP
      One way buzzer alarm output
9)  Work ambient temperature: -5℃~60℃;work ambient humidity:10%~90% non condensing
10)  Storage temperature:-25℃~75℃
11)  Senor type: NTC(10KΩ/25℃,B value 3435K)
12)  Sensor length: 2M

EK-3030 Temperature Controller

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