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Model: ECS-10


Digital Temperature Control Controller ECS-10, Suitable for all kinds of high temperature cold storage, direct cooling cabinet, water chiller, seafood machine and some small heating equipments etc.Features:1. Larger LED display,50% increase of display area2. The front panel adopts colour design, more artistic3. One key recovery function, multiple parameter menus optional4. 30A big relay and could directly drive 1.5HP single phase compressor, reducing the material cost for customers.



1) Measuring range: -50°C ~ 90°C/℉(only refers to the sensor correction value is set to 0)

2) Measurement Accuracy: -50°C ~ 50°C when ± 1°C, 50 °C ~ 70°C when ±2 °C, the others: ± 3°C;Or -40℉~ 99℉, ± 2℉, the others: ± 6℉

3) Temperature controlling range: -50°C ~ 99°C

4) Power supply: 220±10% (VAC),50/60Hz

5) Power consumption:<3W

6) Front Panel water proof: IP65

7) the back shell water proof: None

8) Operating temperature: 0°C ~ 55°C

9) Storage temperature: -25°C ~ 75°C

ECS-10 Temperature Controller

SKU: R009021
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