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Model: ECS-02CS


Elitech Temperature Controller ECS-2CX is a general type temperature controller, temperature units ℃/℉ and Working mode cooling and heating can be selected by the menu. 

1. Red / blue LED display, the display area increases by about 30 % compared with competing products , more clear and intuitive
2. Completely compatible with XR02CX operation, very convenient for the quick product
3. Working mode cooling and heating can be selected by the menu
4. Dual sensors: one for room, and the other one is for defrost.
5. Defrost sensor, defrost relay and hot key are optional.
6. Compressor relay reaches to 30A, with stronger drive, which could directly drive 1.5HP single phase compressor
7. Copy card function, facilitate quick batch parameter set for manufacturing and after-sale service
Defrost sensor and defrost relay optional, convenient for the flexible configuration.


1) Measuring range: -50°C ~ 90°C/℉(only refers to the sensor correction value is set to 0)
2) Measurement Accuracy: -40°C ~ 50°C when ± 1°C, 50 °C ~ 70°C when ±2 °C, the others: ± 3°C;Or -40℉~ 99℉, ± 2℉, the others: ± 6℉
3) Temperature controlling range: -50°C ~ 99°C
4) Power supply: 220±10% (VAC),50/60Hz
5) Power consumption:<3W
6) Rated current of the relays:
a) Refrigeration: 30A/220VAC, it can directly drive 1.5HP(220VAC) compressor,
b) single phase or 14A/220VAC, it can directly drive 1.0HP(220VAC) compressor
c) single phase or 10A/220VAC
7) Defrost: 10A/220VAC(suggest connect the max 1.4KW electric heating wire)
8) Front Panel water proof: IP65
9) the back shell water proof: None
10) Operating temperature: 0°C ~ 55°C
11) Storage temperature: -25°C ~ 75°C
12) Relative Humidity: 20% ~ 85% (relative humidity)

ECS-02CX Temperature Controller

SKU: R026022
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