Brand: ELitech

Model:  ECB-3030 (10HP)


  • Electrical Conctrol Box For Freezer Room
  • Adopted CP-6000 current protector with inverse-time limit protection;
    Definition: inverse-time overcurrent protection refers to the protection method of the automatic reduction through the time protection periods as the increase of overcurrent; inverse-time limit protection can truly ensure refrigerating unit's safety;
    Features: the larger the compressor's overcurrent is, the shorter the guard/protection time will be;
  • Values: during the operation of the compressor, CP-6000 will adjust the guard time at real-time according to the volume of overcurrent to truly realize overcurrent protection;
  • Functions include phase-deficient protection; phase-sequence protection, and three-term imbalance protection;
  • Adopted EK touch temperature controller consists of 6 touch buttons that support menu less operations, which releases the end-users from fussy parameter settings.

ECB-3030 10HP Electrical Control Box For Freezer Room

SKU: R0E1213


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