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Brand: ELitech

Model:  ECB-2030(5HP)


Electrical Conctrol Box For M/L temp refrigeration storage


Suitable for small and medium-sized Med/Low temperature refrigeration storage;
Could realized automatic control on the refrigerating unit.


Features and Technical parameters: 


  • First launched combined modulariztion plastic-case electric cabinet; equipped with a large-sized display panel, sensitive touch buttons and scientific and fashionable designs;
  • Creative combination design, freestyle extension of control unit is easy for function upgrading, and quick respond to customizing demands from customers.
  • Specially designed control system for the refrigerating unit with 3.5kw.5.5kw/7.5kw, which can realize integrated control of all units including the compressor, fan, defrosting unit, light and alarm unit;
  • The ABS anti-flaming engineering plastic case come with concise and elegant appearance; presenting safer and more reliable insulating property when compares to metal cabinet.
  • The RS-485 communication interface enables users to not only connect and communicate with PLC and other equipment but also realized the centralized monitoring of the refrigeration storage through upper computer software;
  • Functions include current display, over-load, phase-deficient, three-term imbalance and phase-sequence protections; early warning/alarm detections on high/low voltage;
  • Certified by the HACCP;
  • It consists an business/opening/shop mode, which can realize eco night energy conservations: clock settings and business/opening/shop mode could reduce refrigeration storage's energy consumption.

ECB-2030 5HP Electrical Control Box For M/L temp refrigeration storage

SKU: R0E1209
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