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Model:  ID961


Digital Temperature Controller ID961 FOR "FORCED AIR "



  • Frontal panel protection: IP65.
  • Container: plastic body in resin type PC+ABS UL94 V-0, inspection window inpolycarbonate, buttons in thermoplastic resin.
  • Dimensions: frontal panel 74x32 mm,depth 60 mm.Installation: on panel, with template 71x29mm (+0.2/-0..1 mm).
  • Ambient temperature: -5...55℃.Storage temperature -30...85℃.
  • Operating environment humidity: 10...90%RH (non condening).
  • Storage environment humidity: 10...90% RH(non condensing).
  • Viewing range: -50...99℃ on 2 digit +mark display.
  • Analog inputs: one PTC or NTC input(selectable through parameter).
  • Digital outputs: one relay output, SPDT8(3)A 250Va relay or SPDT 15A(1hp)250Va relay (for capacity relay see labelon the instrument).Measuring range: from -50 to 99 ℃Precision: 0.5% better than full scale.
  • Resolution: 1 ℃.Consumption: according to model.
  • Power supply: according to model.See label on instrument.

Digital Temperature Controller ID961 FOR "FORCED AIR "

SKU: R009004
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