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Brand:  DIXELL

Model:  XR20CX-5N1C1


Digital Controller DIXELL XR20CX-5N1C1


  • Medium Temperature
  • Probe Inputs: 2 NTC / PTC Probes (1 Thermostat, 1 Condenser)
  • Digital Input: 1 Configurable (for Alarm, Start Defrost, Aux, Door Switch, or Pressure Switch)
  • Relay Output: 1 Compressor (8A, 20A optional)
  • Power Supply: 240 VAC


Digital controllers purchased from us should always be diagnosed and installed by a suitably qualified person, if incorrectly installed they will suffer irrepairable damage, for this reason WE CANNOT OFFER ANY WARRANTY on this type of part. 

XR20CX-5N1C1Digital Controller DIXELL

SKU: R009097
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