1. Available in 4 different sizes of the round ceiling diffuser : 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm
2. This diffuser is injection moulded from white ABS plastic and has integrated spring-loaded clips
3. The snap action clips have the advantages of easy installation, removing and maintaining
4. Scratch resistant surface can be used effectively in heating or cooling applications
5. Tapered neck mounts directly to ductwork
6. 360° air pattern delivery maintains horizontal pattern without ceiling effect
7. Cone centers are designed to suit the reverse cycle systems and allow adjustable control of the airflow by moving the center up or down




1. Ideal for residential and commercial reverse cycle air-conditioning ,heating and ventilation applications.
2. Recommended for supply air constant or variable air volume heating, cooling, or ventilation.

Neck Size(mm) Face Size(mm)
150 DIAM 260 DIAM
200 DIAM 320 DIAM
250 DIAM 395 DIAM
300 DIAM 440 DIAM


Round Diffuser(Reducing plastic) RD200

SKU: ADS0062

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