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The JDPower CM-340 is the most compact electric lifter in its class. It quickly and easily turns a 3 person lifting job into a single person job giving your company an edge over its competitors.

Adjustable legs enable the CM-340 to work on uneven surfaces and fold compactly.

The CM340 can lift a maximum weight of 130kg and can lift to a height of 3.3 meters.

The CM340 is ideal for domestic and smaller commercial operators. Most smaller organisations begin with a CM340 as it covers a majority of needs. If work demands increase or the work requires, a CM520 is purchased as the second unit.


Key Features

  • Constructed with heat treated, robust aluminum - compact, safe and reliable.
  • Telescoping mast
  • No tools required to setup the lift - simply undfold, setup and operated within 60 seconds.
  • Single Person setup.
  • 4 Legs stabilise the lifter. Each leg has variable, independant adjustment for uneven ground - such as stairways. One leg is indepenant so you can operate adjacent to a wall.
  • Controller with variable speed switch.
  • Variable speed controller enables soft start with fine adjustment for operating height.
  • Emergency Stop Button.
  • Manual override: In case of power failure or sites with no power operate manually with supplied handle or cordless drill and 17mm socket.
  • Automatic Overload clutch: Prevents apprentices overloading the lifter.
  • Level included - Assists alinging the mast vertically with the adjustable legs.
  • Platform standard - for air conditioners, awnings, garage doors etc. Optional extesion arms available.
  • Highly Portable, the compact design folds, making it easy for one person to carry the lifter to/from job.
  • Easily transported in van, car or utility.
  • Optional Wheel Kit available.


Compact and easily transported

The CM340 is easily packed and carried to/from site.

  • One bag for the lifter
  • One bag for the tray


Easily Carry on-site

The CM340 is the lightest lifter in our range.


Integrated Level

Integrated level on the mast helps ensure the mast is vertical before operation.

Adjust the legs independantly for uneven surfaces to make sure the mast is vertical!


Up/Down Controller


  • Easy pistol-grip hold
  • Variable speed trigger - exact height positioning with precise control of speed
  • Belt clip for convenience
  • Up/Down level
  • Robust casing


Emergency Stop

Emergency Stop:

  • Safety
  • Switches to manual control


Manual Override

Switch to manual operation at locations without power or in case of a power failure.

  • Use the included handle as shown
  • OR - use a cordless drill with a 17mm socket
  • Engage the Emergency Stop to switch to manual control!

Remove the Handle to manually operate the lifter when now power is not available. OR Use a cordless drill with a 17mm socket


Optional Adapters

The portable lifter range (CM340, CM520 and CA400) have optional-interchangeable adapters.

Optional Adapter/Compatable withCM340

Extension Arms/Garage Doors; Awnings; Building

GL2V/Glass; Solar Panels; Sheet Metal

Plaster Cradle/Plasterboard; Other Sheeting

Wheelkit/Wheel kit for legs of CM340


Optional Adapters
The portable lifter range (CM340, CM520 and CA400) have optional-interchangeable adapters.

OptionalAdapter/Compatable with CM340
Extension Arms/Garage Doors; Awnings and Building
GL4V/Glass; Solar Panels; Sheet Metal; Train/Railways galss installation
Plaster Cradle/Plasterboard and Other sheeting

WheelKit/Wheel kit for legs of CM340


Accessories Optional

CM Extensions Arm / $325.00

Castor Set for CM340 / $300.00

CM Platform / $900.00

DW Plasterboard Cradle / $1,500.00

Please contact us for ore information!m


SKU: CM340
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