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Brand: ELitech

Model:LTC-100 Split Refrigeration Controller

Main Function The controller is used to control the temperature of the middle and low temperature cold storage. It consists of display panel and control panel, with reservation of 4 pin pressing line terminal, which could connect the communication between display panel and control panel. Big LED, colour digital tube display, wall-mounted display panel; Three output in control panel: refrigeration, electric heating or hot gas defrost and evaporator fan; two NTC sensor input: storage temperature sensor and defrost sensor. Specific function are as below:  Refrigeration control: control temperature according to the set upper/lower limit, forced refrigeration is available  Defrost control: control the start/stop of defroster according to the evaporator’s temperature and working time, forced defrost is available  Fan control: multiple running modes optional, Fan enables or disabled during defrost and defrost dropping is optional, it starts or closes according to the fan start delay time and set temperature  Alarm control over temperature alarm, over temperature alarm and sensor failure alarm  Others: on/Off button switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit display: preset parameters, one-key recovery.



Technical Parameters

 Power Supply: 100-240VAC 47-63HZ

 Accuracy: ±1 oC / ±2 o F

 Temperature measuring and controlling range: -50oC ͠ 50 oC / -50o F ͠ 122o F  Storage temperature: -30oC ͠ 75oC / -22o F ͠ 167o F

 Ambient temperature: -0 oC ͠ 60 oC / 32o F ͠ 140o F

 Relative humidity: 20% ͠ 85% No condensate

 Sensor type: NTC sensor (10KΩ/25 oC, B value 3435 K)

 Relay output contact capacity for refrigeration defrost and fan: 5A / 220VAC  4 pin connection line length: Signal transmission validity is not less than 200 meters

 Power consumption: ˂5W

 Display resolution: 0.1 oC / 0.1 o F

LTC-100 Split Refrigeration Controller

SKU: R009110
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