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Gree-Cassette System 7.0kw


Why Choose a Gree Free Match System?


The Gree Free Match System provides the flexibility of heating or cooling your entire home
or office with   up to five indoor units with just one outdoor unit. This means less noise and
less space taken up by large  outdoor units all powering multiple  indoor units. The indoor 
units can be different types and/or capacities which means you can customise your heating
and  cooling needs specifically for your home or office.


For example you can choose a 5kW Hansol Hi Wall Unit for your lounge, a 2.5kW Cozy Hi 
Wall for your master bedroom  and a 3.5 kW Cassette for your kitchen and they can all be
run from one outdoor unit.


This allows you complete temperature control over your entire home or office environment 
which gives increased comfort  and greater energy efficiency.


 Gree Cassette
Gree’s ceiling cassette provides low noise performance through design and innovation. The ceiling
cassette is a one-stop solution for acclimatizing small and large commercial spaces. This flexible
climate solution conveniently disappears above the surface of any room’s ceiling. Features include
a highly effective 4-way discharge of air, multi speed fan, swing louver and cleanable air filter giving
the ceiling cassette core performance capabilities ideal for commercial climate control. The discreet
display reveals only a subtle grille surface.
The cassette is perfect for mid size commercial use, providing ideal climate conditions for medium
to large business environments and commercial applications. The cassette is operable by infrared
remote control, or by the XK75 wired remote controller. Power failure recovery ensures that the unit
will come back online in the event of a power outage. Flexibility, economy of design and innovation
make the Ceiling Cassette essential for creating ideal climate conditions

Gree-Cassette System 7.0kw

SKU: AC580170
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