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Protective Devices/Connection sets   

Conncection 5/8"

13MM(H)   68MM(L)

The connection sets are used in liquid line of refrigeration and air conditioners, which can reach safety SAE connection with copper tubes, and suitable for globe valve, solenoid valve, check valve, sight glass, drier and expansion valve connections etc. They ensure perfect air-tightness, even after several replacements of components, and facilitate maintenance conditions.


*Compatible with HFCs, HCFCs, CFCs, as well as with their associated oils and additives.
*Ensure higher air tightness
*Increase the conncection's reliability in time
*The stainless steel flare seat can prevent damage when tightening screw
*Pressure regulating grooves are inside of the brass nut
*Allow numerous mountings and removals components, without work hardening or rupture of the piping
*The copper ring is the only part to replace

TDZJ-5 Protective Devices/Connection sets Connection 5/8"

SKU: R140004
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