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1. The diffuser consist of four square cores, each of
which contain some adjustable louvers
2. Each core can be individually removed and rotated to
direct air in discretionary directions
3. The core can be easy to install, access and maintain
4. Provides a large outlet area to airflow and a relatively
low static pressure drop
5. Constructed from high quality ABS polymers
6. The modular core can be configured for 1, 2, 3 or 4
way horizontal air discharge pattern to meet
changing space needs



1. Suitable for ceiling mounted heating, cooling or
ventilation applications.
2. Can be used in open ceiling environments, such
as factories, warehouses, shopping malls and
other large open spaces where long throws are


Neck Size(mm)Face Size(mm)
300 x 300365 x 365
375 x 375440 x 440

Multi Directional Outlet MDO375X375 (neck)

SKU: ADS0048
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