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Model:  JC-421


Humidity digital temperature humidity controller JC-421  




digital temperature and humidity controller ,supply power optional for medium and low temperature


Humidity controller

·Power supply(optional): 220V/AC~240V/AC 50/60Hz
110V/AC~120V/AC 60Hz
·Power consumption: less than 5W
·Output (relay for humidifier): N.O. 30A/250V/AC 50/60Hz. 
·Humidity sensor: 1 sensor
·humidity display: 01 ~ 99%RH 
·Accuracy: ±5%RH

Mounting hole size: 71×29mm



Digital controllers purchased from us should always be diagnosed and installed by a suitably qualified person, if incorrectly installed they will suffer irrepairable damage, for this reason WE CANNOT OFFER ANY WARRANTY on this type of part. 


JC-421 JUCHUANG Humidity Digital temperature controller

SKU: R026053
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