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AC AXIAL FAN 180X180X50 240V 0.43A 65W

Model: FP18060EX

FP series mini-shaded pole fan motors have compact structure and small volume. They have characteristics of light weight convenient installation, low noisy, small electromagnetic disturbance, safty, longevity and impedance protected, they are mainly applied to refrigeration equipment, power supply circuit, electric welding machine as well as other ventilating and cooling equipment.

The applicable ambient temperature,Ball bearing:(B)-20~+60℃

Sleeve bearing :(S) 0~+50℃

The average service lift of motors is over 30000 hours

Before operating the motor, make sure the earth wire of the motor connected with the external grounding device.

FP18060EX AC AXIAL FAN 180X180X50 240V 0.43A 65W

SKU: R025014
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