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CBB65 20UF




Compressor & other Motors Run Capacitor CBB65 25uf 500VAC 50HZ with Screw


Aluminum case



CBB65 TYPE Capacitor sealed in metal case is of little wastage, high insulation resistance, excellent natural repair, good stability, suitable for alternating current circuit, long working life, with inner anti-explosive device and safety reliability. This type capacitor is suitable used in the frequency of 50Hz – 60Hz, single phase A.C motors, refrigerator, air conditioner, house hold appliances, power supply etc. for starting and running.


Used widely in washing machine,water pump,air conditioner and as well household electric appliances etc. to start and run single phase motors in alternating current usage.


Main Feature:

Low dissipation factor,small inherent temperature rise.excellent self-healing stability,safety and high voltage withstand,etc.


20uf Compressor & other Motors Run Capacitor CBB65 500VAC 50HZ with Screw

SKU: A016018
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