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1/4" &  5/16" & 3/8"  3-IN-1 LADDER TYPE TUBE BENDER 

MODEL:  WK-N368-A-180°


WK-N368-A-180° For1/4 ″、5/16″&3/8″size O.D.Tubing

Aluminum alloy body,Bend radius 15/16″(24mm).
Aluminum alloy body.
Open size-slips on tubing at any point,can bend 0.4mm thin tube without distortion.
Calibrated marking for making accurate left-hand,right-hand,and offset bends 180°start requires less effort.Makes bending fast and esay.

1/4" & 5/16" & 3/8" 3-IN-1 LADDER TYPE TUBE BENDER WK-N368-A-180°

SKU: T004010
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