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Cool Room Miscellaneous

Coming (very) Soon

We are working on this page as you read this. For any product enquiries, contact us.

Products under 'Coolroom Miscellaneous':

- Bayonet Assembly
- Latch Key & Fluro Lights
- Door Bells
- AXLE for W-01
- Floor Stop
- U Gasket /M GK-U


- Tread Plate 1.2m x 2.4m x 1.8mm
- Rivert Mill 4mm x 12mm (500 pcs)
- Rivert Mill 4.8mm x 25mm (250pcs)
- Hammer Pin 6.5mm x 25mm (50pcs)

- MC 1/4 Tube Piercing Plier

- Panel Cutter

- Magnetic Door Lock Assembly MC-MA

- Air Con Polyester Filter 9.5mm thick 1200mm wide

- Mushroom Head M10 with Washer MH10

- Commercial Wheel Stop Rubber with Screw WL-CWSR

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