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Brand:  DIXELL

Model:  XR06CX-5N0C1


The XR06CX, format 32 x 74 x 60 mm, is microprocessor based controller, suitable for applications on medium or low temperature ventilated refrigerating units. It has three relay outputs to control compressor, fan, and defrost which can be either electrical or reverse cycle (hot gas). The device is also provided with 2 NTC probe inputs, the first one for temperature control and the second one to be located onto the evaporator, to control the defrost termination temperature and to managed the fan and it’s provided with a configurable digital input. With the HOTKEY it’s possible to program the instrument in a quick and easy way.


Download XR06CX


Digital controllers purchased from us should always be diagnosed and installed by a suitably qualified person, if incorrectly installed they will suffer irrepairable damage, for this reason WE CANNOT OFFER ANY WARRANTY on this type of part. 

XR06CX-5N0C1 Digital Controller DIXELL

SKU: R009003
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